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Brane T. Cervek is a manager and founder of Survival School - "S.S.F.N. - THE SCHOOL OF SURVIVAL FROM NATURE - Special Forces Training" based in Slovenia. As you may know, S.S.F.N. is an professional organization that provides S.E.R.E. and SURVIVAL trainings for the Armed Forces, working with Specialist military units he has been teaching hostile environment Survival, Escape and Evasion courses for over 30 years.

On initiative of Australian organization Department for Aboriginal Affairs, South Australia, he was exploring the culture and the skill of survival of natives in Australia. Living among natives Aborigines, he was the first European adopted among tribes like Ngarinyin, Wororra, Wunambul and Kerraywoorroong. He established a society SAAGS (Slovenian Australian Aboriginal Geographic Society) in order to help people understand the culture of Aborigines. SAAGS organizes a unique visit of tribes Ngarinyin, Wororra and Wunambul in Slovenia as a cultural exchange.

After 2 years of training in Aboriginal Australia he gets the status of international certified Nature Survival Instructor and, as only representative in Europe with such experience, trains army special units, reconnaissance unit, and army pilots at home and over the world. He collaborated with the members of the USA, British; Australian, French, Israel and Italian Special Forces units. Today, he is collaborating with the Ministry of Defense RS, Special Forces ESD Slovenian army, Air Force School SVL, Officer Candidate School and reconnaissance units 10 and 20 MOTB and trains them for the most difficult missions in Iraq, Lebanon, Chad etc. on all geographic areas. Brane and SSFN received many commendations and awards.
The civil part of his training was intended for mountain rescuers, civil pilots and aircrew, war reporters, individuals, airsoft groups, schools and companies (Team-buildings) and families with children. He filmed three documentary “Odklop” and "Survival Aboriginal Australia" and lately a Survival in the wilderness TV series in total of 28 epizodes. He writes professional articles and prepares lengthy literature in the field of Encyclopedia of survival in the wild.

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